Certificate In Midwifery

Updated Curriculum

Year One Semester One

  • CM 111: Anatomy & physiology 1 & First aid

Anatomy & physiology l & First aid

 Anatomy & Physiology 1

Sub Topic: Terms used in Anatomy and Physiology
Sub Topic: Human body organization
Sub Topic: Atoms, molecules and compounds
Sub Topic: Cell structure and function
Sub Topic: Tissue structure and function
Sub Topic: Blood and its composition
Sub Topic: Cardiovascular system
Sub Topic: Lymphatic system
Sub Topic: Digestive system
Sub Topic: Skeletal system
Sub Topic: Muscular system

First Aid

Sub Topic: Principles of First Aid
Sub Topic: Components of a First Aid Kit
Sub Topic: Life threatening conditions
Sub Topic: Personal protection during first aid
Sub Topic: First aid in medical emergencies
Sub Topic: Injuries and Trauma

CM 112

  • Foundations of Nursing 1 & Basic computer Anatomy

Foundations of nursing l

Sub Topic: History of Nursing
Sub Topic: Code of conduct for Nurses
Sub Topic: Principles of professional ethics and etiquette
Sub Topic: Patient’s rights
Sub Topic: Nurses’ rights
Sub Topic: Nursing and the law
Sub Topic: Nursing standards and qualities of a nurse
Sub Topic: General principles and rules of all nursing procedures
Sub Topic: Hospital economy
Sub Topic: Use of personal protective equipment
Sub Topic: Routine and weekly cleaning of the ward
Sub Topic: Waste management and disposal
Sub Topic: Isolation of infectious patients
Sub Topic: Causes of infection
Sub Topic: Medical Waste management
Sub Topic: Cleaning methods
Sub Topic: feeding of patients
Sub Topic: bladder and bowel care
Sub Topic: Passing a flatus tube
Sub Topic: Administration of enemata
Sub Topic: Ward Report
Sub Topic: Lifting/positioning a patient
Sub Topic: Tepid sponging
Sub Topic: General principles in patient care
Sub Topic: Ethics in nursing care
Sub Topic: Principles of Infection prevention and control
Sub Topic: Body mechanics
Sub Topic: Bed making
Sub Topic: Vital observations
Sub Topic: Bed bath
Sub Topic: Oral care/mouth care
Sub Topic: Care and treatment of pressure areas

CM 113

  • Personal and communal health & Microbiology


Sub Topic: Concepts of Microbiology
Sub Topic: Classification and types of Microorganisms
Sub Topic: Pathogenic microorganisms
Sub Topic: Normal flora
Sub Topic: Characteristics and mode of spread of disease causing Microorganisms
Sub Topic: Pathological effects of microorganisms
Sub Topic: Simple laboratory tests
Sub Topic: Infection prevention and control
Sub Topic: Introduction to Immunity
Sub Topic: Antibodies
Sub Topic: Principles of immunization

Personal and communal health

Topic:  Concepts of personal and communal

Sub Topic: Determinants of Health
Sub Topic: Dimensions of Health
Sub Topic: Personal Hygiene
Sub Topic: Introduction to personal hygiene
Sub Topic: Cleanliness of skin and its appendages
Sub Topic: Cleanliness of the inside of the body
Sub Topic: Special groups in personal hygiene
Sub Topic: Clothing and foot wear

Topic: Concepts in communicable diseases

Sub Topic: Disease causation and prevention
Sub Topic: Disease transmission cycle
Sub Topic: Levels of disease prevention
Sub Topic: Introduction to environmental hygiene/sanitation
Sub Topic: Housing
Sub Topic: Ventilation heating and lighting
Sub Topic: Safe water supply
Sub Topic: Food hygiene
Sub Topic: Sanitation

Year One Semester Two

  • CM 121: Anatomy & physiology II

Anatomy & Physiology II

Sub Topic: The Respiratory system
Sub Topic: The Urinary System
Sub Topic: The Endocrine system
Sub Topic: The Nervous system
Sub Topic: Organs of Special Senses
Sub Topic: The Reproductive system

CM 122

  • Foundations of nursing II, Sociology and psychology

Foundations of nursing ll

Topic: Specialized nursing care

Sub Topic: Wound dressing
Sub Topic: Abdominis Paracentesis (Abdominal Tapping)
Sub Topic: Vulva Toilet /Swabbing
Sub Topic: Oxygen Administration
Sub Topic: Lumbar Puncture
Sub Topic: Nasogastric tube to feed patients
Sub Topic: Gastrostomy Feeding
Sub Topic: Gastric Lavage
Sub Topic: Catheterization
Sub Topic: Tracheostomy Care
Sub Topic: Care of patients on traction
Sub Topic: Prepare for application of orthopedic splints
Sub Topic: Bandaging
Sub Topic: Nursing Process
Sub Topic: Take history of the patient
Sub Topic: Perform Physical examination of the patient
Sub Topic: Making a Nursing care plan
Sub Topic: Admission of a patient
Sub Topic:  Drug Administration
Sub Topic: Transfer patients
Sub Topic: Discharge of patients
Sub Topic: Last Office

Sociology and psychology

Sub Topic:  Definitions of terms used in Sociology
Sub Topic: Human groups and their effects on man
Sub Topic: Culture, beliefs and practices in relation to health
Sub Topic: Socio-cultural factors influencing the behaviour of an individual
Sub Topic: Socialization
Sub Topic: Social aspects of diseases
Sub Topic: Social aspects of hospitalization
Sub Topic: Urbanization and delivery of health services
Sub Topic: Nurse-patient relationship
Sub Topic: Concepts of Psychology
Sub Topic: Psychological Development
Sub Topic: Personality
Sub Topic: Psychological aspects in nursing care of patients
Sub Topic: Mental Defense Mechanisms
Sub Topic: Stress and Stressors
Sub Topic: Emotions

CM 123

  • Primary Health Care

Primary Health Care

Sub Topic: Concepts of Primary Health Care
Sub Topic: Principles, Pillars and elements of PHC
Sub Topic: Community participation
Sub Topic: Community organization
Sub Topic: Community Mobilization
Sub Topic: Community empowerment
Sub Topic: Community survey and assessment
Sub Topic: Home visiting
Sub Topic: Conduct community feedback meetings

Year Two Semester One

  • CM 211: Obstetrical anatomy

Topic: Obstetric anatomy 

Sub Topic: Introduction
Sub Topic: Terminologies
Sub Topic: Female Pelvis
Sub Topic: Varieties of Pelvis
Sub Topic: Pelvic assessment
Sub Topic: Vulva
Sub Topic: Pelvic floor muscles
Sub Topic: Vagina
Sub Topic: Cervix
Sub Topic: Uterus
Sub Topic: Uterine tubes
Sub Topic: Ovaries
Sub Topic: Breast
Sub Topic: Gametogenesis
Sub Topic: Menstruation Cycle
Sub Topic: Fertilization
Sub Topic: Embryology
Sub Topic: Placenta at term

  • Fetal sac
  • Amniotic fluid
  • Umbilical cord
  • Vernix caseosa
  • Varieties of the placenta

Sub Topic: Fetal circulation
Sub Topic: Fetal skull , Internal structures and Fetal scalp
Sub Topic: Moulding
Sub Topic: Significance of female urinary system in obstetrics

CM 212

  • Midwifery I & Pharmacology I

Midwifery l

Sub Topic: Antenatal care
Sub Topic: Normal pregnancy
Sub Topic: Normal labour
Sub Topic: Normal puerperium

Pharmacology l

Sub Topic: Terms used in Pharmacology
Sub Topic: Sources and preparation of Medicines
Sub Topic: Concepts of Essential Drugs and Rational Medicine use.
Sub Topic: Classification of Medicines & Schedule of controlled substances
Sub Topic: Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamics

CM 213

  • Pediatric nursing I & Palliative care nursing

Pediatric nursing 1

Sub Topic: Immediate and routine care of the new born
Sub Topic: Characteristic features of a newborn
Sub Topic: Care of the new born
Sub Topic: Child growth and development
Sub Topic: Breastfeeding and its effects on child growth and development
Sub Topic: Asphyxia neonatorum
Sub Topic: Low birth weight babies
Sub Topic: IMCI
Sub Topic: Neonatal infections
Sub Topic: Jaundice

Palliative care nursing

Sub Topic:  Concepts of hospice and palliative care
Sub Topic: Pain management in palliative care
Sub Topic: Management of common symptoms in Palliative care
Sub Topic: Psychosocial support to terminally ill patients

Year Two Semester Two

  • CM 221: Midwifery II & Tropical medicine

Midwifery ll

Topic: Abnormal pregnancy, labor and puerperium

Sub Topic:  Bleeding in early pregnancy
Sub Topic: Bleeding in late pregnancy
Sub Topic: Medical disorders during pregnancy
Sub Topic: Malpresentations/malpositions
Sub Topic: Prolonged pregnancy
Sub Topic: Prolonged labor
Sub Topic: Obstetrical operations
Sub Topic: Assisted deliveries
Sub Topic: Abnormal 3rd stage
Sub Topic: Abnormal puerperium
Sub Topic: Obstetrical emergencies

Tropical medicine

Sub Topic: Introduction to communicable diseases
Sub Topic: Measles
Sub Topic: Malaria
Sub Topic: Trypanosomiasis (sleeping sickness)
Sub Topic: Helminthic diseases (Intestinal worms)
Sub Topic: Onchocerciasis (River blindness)
Sub Topic: Schistosomiasis
Sub Topic: Elephantiasis (Bancroftian Filariasis)
Sub Topic: Dracunculosis (Guinea worm)
Sub Topic: Typhoid Fever
Sub Topic: Dysentery
Sub Topic: Cholera
Sub Topic: Brucellosis
Sub Topic: Ebola
Sub Topic: Yellow Fever
Sub Topic: Mumps (Parotiditis)
Sub Topic: Chicken Pox
Sub Topic: Rabies

CM 222

  • Paediatrics Nursing II & Pharmacology II

Paediatrics Nursing ll

Sub Topic: Birth injuries

  • cerebral damage
  • cephalo haematoma
  • erbs palsy
  • facial palsy
  • fractures
  • ruptured internal organs
  • caput succedenum
  • Klumpkes palsy

Sub Topic: Congenital abnormalities

  • GIT
  • Genito urinary
  • Cardiovascular
  • CNS

Sub Topic: Immunisation schedule
Sub Topic: The cold chain
Sub Topic: Assessment of nutritional status of children
Sub Topic: Nutritional disorders in children

Pharmacology ll

Sub Topic: Obstetric Pharmacology

CM 223

  • Community health and Occupational health and safety

Community health

Sub Topic: Community entry, mobilization and diagnosis
Sub Topic: Community based health care
Sub Topic: Community based rehabilitation services for special categories e.g. people with disabilities
Sub Topic: Preparation for disease outbreak
Sub Topic: Integrated disease surveillance and response

Occupational health

Sub Topic: Types of occupational health hazards
Sub Topic: Occupational health hazards in different work places
Sub Topic: Prevention and control of occupational health hazards
Sub Topic: Role of a nurse in prevention of occupational health hazards in workplaces
Sub Topic: Healthcare waste management
Sub Topic: Injection safety methods
Sub Topic: Workers compensation Act

Year Three Semester One

  • CM311: Gynecology & Reproductive health


Sub Topic: Menstruation disorders
Sub Topic: Dysfunctional uterine bleeding
Sub Topic: Abortion
Sub Topic: Ectopic Pregnancy
Sub Topic: Cervical erosion, trauma and polyps
Sub Topic: Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases
Sub Topic: Infertility
Sub Topic: Structural abnormalities
Sub Topic: Fibroids
Sub Topic: Vesico-Vaginal Fistula(VVF) and Recto- Vaginal fistula (RVF)
Sub Topic: Genital cancers (Breast, Cervix, Uterus, and Ovaries)
Sub Topic: Uterine prolapse

Reproductive health

Sub Topic: Family planning
Sub Topic: Safe motherhood
Sub Topic: Sexually transmitted diseases
Sub Topic: Syndromic treatment of STIs
Sub Topic: Gender/sexual based violence
Sub Topic: Domestic violence
Sub Topic: Male involvement in RH
Sub Topic: Adolescent reproductive health

CM 312

  • Mental health, guidance & counseling

Mental Health

Sub Topic: Concepts of mental health and mental illness
Sub Topic: Classification of mental illnesses
Sub Topic: Etiological factors of mental illness
Sub Topic: General signs and symptoms of mental illnesses
Sub Topic: Assessment of the mentally ill patients
Sub Topic: Common mental/ psychiatric conditions in midwifery practice

Guidance and Counselling

Sub Topic:  Communication in guidance and counselling
Sub Topic: Group communication dynamics
Sub Topic: Guidance and counselling processes
Sub Topic: Ethical codes in counselling

CM 313

  • Health service management and entrepreneurship

Health Service Management

Sub Topic: Principles of management
Sub Topic: Leadership in Healthcare delivery
Sub Topic: Staffing and staff development
Sub Topic: Motivation
Sub Topic: Delegation
Sub Topic: Conflict resolution
Sub Topic: Team Building
Sub Topic: Decision-making and critical thinking
Sub Topic: Communication in health care
Sub Topic: Customer care
Sub Topic: Budgeting
Sub Topic: Management of petty cash
Sub Topic: Health information management system


Sub Topic: Introduction to Entrepreneurship
Sub Topic: Entrepreneurship skills
Sub Topic: Setting up a Business
Sub Topic: Entrepreneurship and social responsibility
Sub Topic: Types of business enterprises
Sub Topic: Business sustainability and growth
Sub Topic: Monitoring and evaluating a business

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