Foundations of Nursing (III)

Subtopic: Apply nursing process to the management of patients
Subtopic :Administer prescribed medicine appropriately

Topic: Perform specialized nursing care

Subtopic: Perform Shortening and removal of drains
Subtopic: Perform Colostomy Care
Subtopic: Prepare for Abdominis Paracentesis (Abdominal Tapping)
Subtopic: Prepare for Lumbar Puncture
Subtopic: Perform Gastrostomy Feeding
Subtopic: Carry out gastric Lavage
Subtopic: Perform Tracheostomy Care
Subtopic: Ophthalmology.
Subtopic: Care of the patients’ ears
Subtopic: Peri-Operative care
Subtopic: Orthopedic Nursing care
SubtopicPrepare for neural assessment
Subtopic: Wound dressing
Subtopic: Under Water Seal Drainage

Topic: Conditions affecting the nervous system

Subtopic 4.8.1: Applied anatomy and Physiology of the nervous system
Subtopic 4.8.2: Trigeminal neuralgia
Subtopic 4.8.3: Bell’s palsy
Subtopic 4.8.4: Parkinson’s disease
Subtopic : Spinal cord compression
Subtopic : Transverse Myelitis
Subtopic : Sub arachnoid haemorrhage and intra cranial aneurysm
Subtopic : General Paralysis of Insane

Topic: Medical conditions affecting the endocrine system

Subtopic 4.9.1: Applied anatomy and physiology of the endocrine system
Subtopic 4.9.2: Acromegaly/Gigantism (Hyperpituitarism)
Subtopic 4.9.3: Dwarfism (Panhypopituitarism)
Subtopic 4.9.4: Addison’s disease (Adrenal insufficiency)
Subtopic 4.9.5: Pheochromocytoma
Subtopic 4.9.6: Cushing’s syndrome
Subtopic 4.9.7: Hyperaldosteronism
Subtopic 4.9.8: Thyrotoxicosis
Subtopic 4.9.9: Diabetes Mellitus

Topic: Medical diseases affecting the renal system

Subtopic 4.10.0:  Anatomy and Physiology of the Renal System
Subtopic 4.10.1: Urinary tract infections

Subtopic 4.10.2: Polycystic Kidney disease (PKD)
Subtopic 4.10.3: Kidney stones

Topic: Conditions of the lymphatic system

Subtopic 4.11.1: Anatomy and Physiology of the Lymphatic System
Subtopic 4.11.2: Lymphedema
Subtopic 4.11.3: Lymphangitis and Lymphadenitis

Subtopic: Splenomegaly and  Hypersplenism

Subtopic 4.11.4: Hodgkin’s disease

Topic: Conditions of the Musculo-skeletal system

Subtopic 4.12.0: Anatomy and Physiology of the Musculo-skeletal System
Subtopic 4.12.1: Tendonitis
Subtopic 4.12.2: Rheumatoid Arthritis
Subtopic 4.12.3: Osteoarthritis
Subtopic 4.12.4: Gout
Subtopic 4.12.5: Bursitis
Subtopic 4.12.6: Ankylosing Spondylitis
Subtopic 4.12.7: Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE)
Subtopic 4.12.8: Osteoporosis
Subtopic 4.12.9: Paget’s disease
Subtopic 4.12.10: Dermatitis
Subtopic 4.12.11: Acne vulgaris
Subtopic 4.12.12: Psoriasis
Subtopic 4.12.13: Herpes zoster
Subtopic 4.12.14: Onychomycosis

Surgical Nursing (III)

Topic: Surgical conditions of the Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT)

Subtopic 4.6.1: Common tumors of ear nose and throat (ENT)
Subtopic 4.6.2: Adenitis
Subtopic 4.6.3: Nasal Polyps
Subtopic 4.6.4: Peritonsillar
Subtopic 4.6.5: Tonsillitis
Subtopic 4.6.6: Otitis Media
Subtopic 4.6.7: Adenoid Hypertrophy
Subtopic 4.6.8: Furunculosis
Subtopic 4.6.9: Foreign bodies of Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT)
Subtopic 4.6.10: Epistaxis

Topic: Conditions of the eye

Anatomy Of the Eye
Subtopic 4.7.1: Conjunctivitis
Subtopic 4.7.2: Trachoma
Subtopic 4.7.3: Stye
Subtopic 4.7.4: Foreign body in the Eye
Subtopic 4.7.5: Eye Trauma
Subtopic 4.7.6: Exophthalmos / Proptosis
Subtopic 4.7.7: Glaucoma
Subtopic 4.7.8: Corneal Ulcers
Subtopic 4.7.9: Cataract

Pediatric Nursing II

Topic: Pediatric condition of the respiratory system

Subtopic 4.17.0: Resuscitation
Subtopic 4.17.1: Respiratory distress syndrome
Subtopic 4.17.2: Broncho pulmonary dysplasia/ chronic lung disease
Subtopic 4.17.3: Meconium Aspiration Syndrome
Subtopic 4.17.4: Pulmonary hemorrhage
Subtopic 4.17.5: Apnea
Subtopic 4.17.6: Pneumonia
Subtopic 4.17.7: Asthma

Topic: Pediatric conditions of the cardio vascular system

Subtopic 4.18.1: Sickle cell disease
Subtopic 4.18.2: Pericarditis
Subtopic 4.18.3: Rheumatic heart disease.

Topic: Neurological disorders in children

Subtopic 4.19.1: Congenital Toxoplasmosis
Subtopic 4.19.2: Intracranial Hemorrhage
Subtopic 4.19.3: Hypoxic Ischemic encephalopathy and its classifications

Topic: Genital urinary conditions in children

Subtopic 4.20.1: Acute Glomerulonephritis
Subtopic 4.20.2: Nephrotic Syndrome.
Subtopic 4.20.3: Nephritic Syndrome
Subtopic 4.20.4: Hydrocele

Topic: Bone conditions

Subtopic 4.21.1: Fractures.
Subtopic 4.21.2: Osteopenia of Prematurity (metabolic bone diseases)
Subtopic 4.21.3: Osteomyelitis
Subtopic 4.21.4: Osteogenesis Imperfecta

Topic: Managing children living with HIV /AIDS

Subtopic 4.22.1: Introduction to HIV/AIDs in children.
Subtopic 4.22.2: Clinical manifestation of HIV / AIDS in Children
Subtopic 4.22.3: Opportunistic Infections in Children
Subtopic 4.22.4:  Diagnostic Measures & Treatment of HIV/AIDS in Children (ARV therapy)
Subtopic 4.22.5: Prevention and Control of HIV/AIDS
Subtopic 4.22.6: Counseling in HIV/AIDS

Mental Health Nursing (II)

Topic: Psychiatric emergencies

Subtopic: Introduction
Subtopic: Suicide and suicidal behaviour
Subtopic: Violence and aggression of patients / clients
Subtopic: Panic attacks/disorders
Subtopic: Catatonic stupor syndrome in schizophrenic patients
Subtopic: Status epilepticus
Subtopic: Epilepsy

Topic: Legal issues in psychiatry

Subtopic: Law and Mental illness
Subtopic: Patient/client’s rights
Subtopic: Standards of Care
Sub topic: Mental Treatment Act

Topic: Mental health disorders in children

Subtopic: Autism
Subtopic: Attention deficit hyperactive disorders
Subtopic: Mood disorders
Subtopic: Bipolar Affective Disorder
Subtopic: Suicide
Subtopic: Anxiety Disorders
Subtopic: Post-traumatic stress disorder
Subtopic: Substance Abuse
Subtopic: Eating disorders
Subtopic: Mental Retardation

Pharmacology (III)

Topic: Drugs used in the reproductive system

Subtopic: Gonadotropin drugs
Subtopic: Androgens and BPH Drugs
Subtopic: Erectile Dysfunction Medications
Subtopic: Contraceptives
Subtopic: Drugs for labor and delivery.

Topic: Immunological drugs.

Subtopic: ImmunityImmunization
Subtopic: Immunological agents
Subtopic: Adverse reactions
Subtopic: Antineoplastic Agents

Topic: Psychopharmacology

Subtopic : Anxiolytics
Subtopic: Hypnotics
Subtopic : Mood stabilizers
Subtopic : Anti-depressants
Subtopic : Anti-psychotics
Subtopic : Anticonvulsants

Topic: Narcotics

Subtopic : Different types of narcotics
Subtopic : Storage of narcotics
Subtopic : Legal implications
Subtopic: Dangers of narcotics
Subtopic: Prescription practices of narcotics
Subtopic: Narcotic drug abuse

Topic: Poison and non-medical use of drugs

Subtopic: Organophosphates poisoning
Subtopic: Alcohol Abuse
Subtopic: Opium abuse.

Applied Research

Topic: Introduction to nursing research

Subtopic: Introduction to research
Subtopic: Terminologies
Subtopic: Research Ethics
Subtopic: Purpose of studying research
Subtopic: Research techniques (Qualitative, quantitative and their

Topic: Writing a research proposal and report

Subtopic: Steps in Research Process
Subtopic: Formulation of research topics
Subtopic: Writing a research proposal
Subtopic: Preliminary Pages
Subtopic: Chapter One: Introduction
Subtopic: Chapter Two: Literature review
Subtopic: Chapter Three: Methodology

Subtopic: References/Referencing
Subtopic: Appendices & Consent Form
Subtopic: Chapter Four: Results
Subtopic: Chapter Five: Discussion, Conclusion and Recommendations
Subtopic : Research report

Teaching Methodology

Topic: Introduction to teaching methodology and Concept of education

Click here for full Methodology Curriculum.

DNE123 Palliative Care Nursing

Topic: Palliative Care concepts

Subtopic: Principles of Palliative Care
Subtopic: Importance of Palliative Care
Subtopic: Roles of palliative care in Uganda
Subtopic: Attributes of Palliative Care
Subtopic: Communication – Preparation of family to make important decisions

Topic: The hospice concept

Subtopic: Hospice movement
Subtopic : Philosophy of hospice
Subtopic: Goals of hospice.
Subtopic: Holistic care approach.

Topic: Pain

Subtopic: Introduction to Pain
Subtopic: Pain Assessment
Subtopic: Pain Management
Subtopic : Psychosocial support to terminally ill patients

Topic: Palliative care emergencies

Subtopic : Severe uncontrolled pain.
Subtopic : Spinal cord compression.
Subtopic : Hypercalcemia.
Subtopic : Hemorrhage.
Subtopic: Superior Vena Cava Obstruction (SVCO).

Topic: Symptoms of terminally ill patients

Subtopic: GIT (Nausea and vomiting, Diarrhea, Anorexia, Constipation, Hiccups
Subtopic: Respiratory system (Dyspnea / air hunger)
Subtopic: Nervous system (Delirium, Depression, Insomnia)
Subtopic: Integumentary system (Non- healing wound, Pruritis)

Topic: Common conditions in palliative care

Subtopic: Anger.
Subtopic: Spiritual needs and Johari Window
Subtopic: Bereavement

Topic: Ethics at the end of life

Subtopic: Hastened death
Subtopic: Assisted death
Subtopic: Advanced directives 
Subtopic: Will Making

Topic: Terminal care

Subtopic: Nearing death awareness
Subtopic: Euthanasia
Subtopic: Grief
Subtopic: Death and dying
Subtopic: Breaking sad news

Topic: Medical conditions affecting the nervous system

Subtopic : Hemophilus influenza
Subtopic: Meningitis
Subtopic: Intersexual disabilities
Subtopic : Seizures disorders
Subtopic : Cerebral palsy

Topic: Endocrine disorders affecting the children

Subtopic : Diabetes Mellitus  & Diabetic Keto Acidosis
Subtopic : Thyrotoxicosis
Subtopic : Precocious Puberty

Topic: Urinary disorders affecting the children

Subtopic : Nephrotic syndrome
Subtopic : Nephritic syndrome
Subtopic : Hydrocele

Topic: Integumentary disorders of the skin

Subtopic : Atopic dermatitis
Subtopic : Eczema
Subtopic : Skin allergies
Subtopic : Plant allergies
Subtopic : Stings and bites

Topic: Eye conditions

Subtopic : Glaucoma
Subtopic : Visual impairment
Subtopic : Congenital Cataract
Subtopic : Strabismus
Subtopic : Eye injury and foreign bodies
Subtopic : Eye infections
Subtopic : Care of a child under-going eye surgery

Topic: Conditions of the ear and Nose

Subtopic : Hearing impairment
Subtopic : Removal of foreign bodies from the ear and nose
Subtopic : Reyes syndrome

Topic: Integrated Management of Childhood illnesses (IMCI)

Subtopic : IMCI strategy in health care
Subtopic : General danger signs
Subtopic : Assess and classify a sick child 2 months to 5 years
Subtopic: Treat the Child
Subtopic : Assess and classify a sick young infant 0-2 months
Subtopic : Manage HIV/AIDS using IMCI approach

Gynaecology (II)

Topic: Manage women with gynecological conditions

Subtopic: Introduction to Gynaecology
Subtopic: History, Examinations and Investigations
Subtopic: Menstruation & Menstruation Disorders

Subtopic: Abortions

Subtopic: Ectopic Pregnancy
Subtopic: Cervical Erosion, Trauma and Polyps
Subtopic: Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases
Subtopic: Infertility
Subtopic: Vesico-Vaginal Fistula (VVF) and Recto-Vaginal fistula (RVF)
Subtopic: Cancers of Reproductive Health Organs
(Cervix, Breast, Uterus, Fallopian tubes and Ovaries)
Subtopic: Fibroids
Subtopic : Congenital abnormalities of the reproductive organs.
Subtopic : Prolapse of the uterus, cervix and bladder
Subtopic: Ovarian cyst.

Reproductive Health (II)

Topic: Applied anatomy of the female and male reproductive organ

Subtopic : Internal and external female reproductive organ
Subtopic : The male reproductive organ

Topic: Adolescent reproductive health

Subtopic:  Introduction to Reproductive Health
Subtopic:  Integration of Reproductive Health Services
Subtopic : Adolescent Reproductive Health and Development
Subtopic : Adolescent friendly health services
Subtopic : Adolescent Sexuality
Subtopic : Vulnerable groups
Subtopic : Community involvement in adolescent reproductive health

Topic: Family planning

Subtopic : Family planning methods and their mode of action

Subtopic : Family Planning Counseling

Topic: Sexually transmitted infections (STI)

Subtopic : Introduction to STI’s

Subtopic : Syndromic management of STI

Subtopic : Management of HIV/AIDs
Subtopic: Opportunistic Infections and Hepatitis
Subtopic : Post exposure prophylaxis (PEP and ARV’s)
Subtopic: PMTCT and Care of Infant

Topic: Post abortal care

Subtopic : Introduction to post abortal care
Subtopic : Components of post abortal care
Subtopic : Barriers to post abortal care

Health Service Management

Topic: Management

Subtopic: Introduction to Health Service Management.
Subtopic : Management theories and Styles
Subtopic: Principles of Management
Subtopic: Levels and Functions of Management

Subtopic : Human resource management
Subtopic:  Human Resource Planning
Subtopic : Staff recruitment process

Subtopic : Financial management, Budgeting and Accountability
Subtopic : Management of equipment and supplies
Subtopic: Transport management.
Subtopic : Management of Infrastructure
Subtopic : Integrated disease response and surveillance
Subtopic : Key government policies(Uganda Healthcare System)

Topic: Leadership

Subtopic : Introduction, Kinds, Power and Authority.
Subtopic : Leadership theories
Subtopic : Team process
Subtopic : Styles of leadership
Subtopic : Staff Delegation
Subtopic: Conflict and conflict resolution
Subtopic : Negotiation Skills


Topic: Concept of entrepreneurship

Subtopic : Introduction to Entrepreneurship
Subtopic: Entrepreneur as a Manager and Entrepreneurial Process
Subtopic: Small business in the economy
Subtopic : Entrepreneurship Skills

Topic: Creating entrepreneurial small business
Subtopic: Business idea and Opportunity
Subtopic: Types of Business Enterprises

Subtopic : Business or Business Enterprise
Subtopic: Business planning
Subtopic : Successful, strategies for small business
Subtopic : Start-ups and franchises (Permits/license)
Subtopic : Buying an existing business
Subtopic : Forming and protecting a business

Topic: Managing people and resources

Subtopic : Managing people and resources
Subtopic : Marketing
Subtopic : Money matters for small business
Subtopic : Business exists and realizing value

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