Midwifery: It is profession of providing assistance and medical care to women undergoing labour and child birth during antenatal, pre-natal and postnatal period.

Obstetrics: This is abranch of medicine dealing with pregnancy, labour and puerperium.

Caesarian section: Is an incision made on the uterus through the anterior abdominal wall to remove products of gestation after 28weeks of gestation.

Cephalic: Means head.

Cervix: Is the neck of the uterus

Colostrum: This is afluid found in the breast from the 16 th week of pregnancy up to 2 nd and 3 rd day after delivery.

Crowning: This is wherethe largest transverse diameter of the fetal skull escapes under the sub pubic arch and does not recede back between contractions.

Gestation: Pregnancy or maternal condition of having a developing fetus in the body.

Fetus: Human conceptus from the 9 th week to delivery.

Viability: Capability of living usually accepted 24weeks-28 weeks although survival is rare.

Gravida: Woman who is or has been pregnant regardless of pregnancy outcome.

Prime gravida: Woman pregnant for the first time.

Multi gravida: Woman who has been pregnant more than once.

Nuli Para: Woman who is not now and has never been pregnant.

Parity: Is number of children born alive or dead after 28weeks of gestation.

Vernix caseosa: Is a greasy substance that covers the baby’s skin at birth.

Meconium: This is stool of the neonate that is present in the lower bowel at 16weeks of
gestation and is passed within 3 days following birth, its greenish black in colour.

Lightening: This is drop in fundal height.

Show: The bloody stained mucoid discharge seen at the onset of labour

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