Health Service Management Day 6

Welcome to your Health Service Management Day 6

20 MCQ's Questions

June 19, 2024

1. What is Human Resource Management (HRM)?

2. Which of the following is a primary function of Human Resource Management?

3. Which factor is NOT considered in HR planning?

4. What is the primary goal of HR planning?

5. What does HR forecasting involve?

6. Which function is NOT part of the operative functions of HRM?

7. What is the primary purpose of job analysis in HRM?

8. Which of the following is NOT a step in the human resource planning process?

9. What is the first step typically taken when a decision is made to recruit new employees?

10. What is the purpose of job descriptions in the recruitment process?

11. Which of the following is an advantage of internal recruitment?

12. What is an example of external recruitment source?

13. What is the purpose of an appointment letter in the recruitment process?

14. What is a fixed-term contract appointment?

15. What is the purpose of induction and orientation programs in the recruitment process?

16. Which of the following is a concern that new employees may have during the induction and socialization process?

17. What type of information is typically conveyed during induction and orientation programs?

18. What is the primary advantage of a company over a partnership?

19. Which document serves as the foundation of a company's constitution?

20. What is the role of a dormant partner in a partnership?


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