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Care of The Patients ears


Ear irrigation is the process of flushing the external ear canal with sterile water or sterile saline 


Is the washing of the external auditory canal with a stream of fluid

  1. To cleanse the ear incase of purulent discharge caused by  middle ear infection.
  2.  To soften and remove impacted cerumen.
  3.  Dislodge a foreign body(except hygroscopic substances like ethanol, sodium chloride)
  4.  To relieve localized inflammation and discomfort.
  5. For antiseptic effect
  6. To apply heat or cold
  7. To evaluate vestibular functions (e.g. bi-thermal caloric test).
  • Solution used
  • Boric acid 2-4%
  • Sodium bicarbonate solution 1%
  • Normal saline
  • Hydrogen peroxide 2%
  • Sterile water

ear care

•Ear syringe in a receiver
•Basin and vomitus bowl
•Clean gloves
•Mackintosh cape
•Prescribed solution in a bowl of warm water
•Patient’s towel
•Cotton swabs
Bed side.
•An adjustable light, screen, plastic apron and hand washing equipment

  1. Explain the procedure to the patient to obtain consent and cooperation
  2. Provide privacy by screening or closing nearby windows.
  3. Wash hands,
  4. Prepare the equipment and bring at bed side.
  5. Position the patient in sitting up.
  6. Inspect the auditory canal using the auroscope.
  7. Ask the patient to be seated. If unable to sit, let him lie on the back and tilt the head slightly towards
    the affected ear.
  8. Provide a good light.
  9. Place the mackintosh and patient’s towel on his/her shoulder and upper arm, under the affected ear
    or if lying down, cover the pillow and the area under the affected ear.
  10. Let the patient hold the receiver close to his/her head under the affected ear.
  11. Clean the auricle and the meatus of the auditory canal with cotton wool swabs moistened with the
  12. Draw the solution into the syringe and expel air.
  13. Straighten the auditory canal; then insert the syringe tip and start the flow.
  14. 0bserve the patient during the syringing for signs of dizziness or pain.
  15. Remove the syringe when it is empty, inspect the return flow. Then refill the syringe and continue
    irrigation until the return flow is clear.
  16. Remove the syringe and using an auroscope inspect the canal for cleanliness.
  17. Dry the patient’s auricle and remove the patient’s towel and mackintosh cape.
  18. Help the patient to lie down on the affected side to promote drainage of residual debris and solution.
    Place a gauze pad under his ear.
  19. Clear away and document findings.
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