Diploma In Midwifery Extension

Midwifery I

Topic: Introduction to Midwifery

Sub TopicTerminologies
Sub Topic: Normal pregnancy 

Sub TopicAntenatal care
Sub TopicHealth education during Antenatal
Sub TopicLabour
Sub TopicNormal first stage of labour

Sub Topic: Normal second stage of labour. 

Sub Topic: Normal third stage of labour

Sub TopicNormal Puerperium

Sub TopicDomiciliary Care

Obstetric Anatomy

Topic: Obstetric anatomy and Physiology

Sub Topic
Sub TopicTerminologies
Sub Topic: Female Pelvis
Sub Topic: Varieties of Pelvis
Sub Topic: Pelvic assessment
Sub TopicVulva
Sub TopicPelvic floor muscles
Sub TopicVagina
Sub Topic: Cervix
Sub Topic: Uterus
Sub Topic: Uterine tubes
Sub Topic: Ovaries
Sub Topic: Breast
Sub Topic: Gametogenesis
Sub Topic: Menstruation Cycle
Sub Topic: Fertilization
Sub Topic: Embryology
Sub Topic: Placenta at term

  • Fetal sac
  • Amniotic fluid
  • Umbilical cord
  • Vernix caseosa
  • Varieties of the placenta

Sub Topic: Fetal circulation
Sub TopicFetal skull , Internal structures and Fetal scalp
Sub TopicMoulding
Sub Topic: Significance of female urinary system in obstetrics


Sub Topic: Structural abnormalities of the female genital tract
Sub Topic: Menstruation disorders
Sub Topic: Dysfunctional uterine bleeding
Sub Topic: Menopause
Sub Topic: Abortions
Sub Topic: Ectopic Pregnancy
Sub Topic: Hydatidiform mole
Sub Topic: Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases
Sub Topic: Fibroids
Sub Topic: Vesico-Vaginal Fistula(VVF) and Recto-Vaginal fistula
Sub Topic: Genital cancers (Cervix, Uterus, and Ovaries)
Sub Topic: Breast cancer
Sub Topic: Uterine prolapse
Sub Topic: Genital prolapse ( Rectocele and Cystocele)
Sub Topic: Infertility

Reproductive Health

Subtopic: Introduction to Reproductive Health
Sub Topic: Family planning (Artificial and Hormonal)
Sub Topic: Safe motherhood
Subtopic: High Risk Pregnancies in Safe Motherhood
Subtopic: Obstetrical and Pediatric Emergencies in Safe Motherhood
Subtopic: Delays in Safe Motherhood, Mortality and Preconception Care
Subtopic: Antenatal Care in RH
Sub Topic: Post abortion care and Manual Vacuum Aspiration
Sub Topic: Sexually transmitted infections
Sub Topic: Syndromic treatment of STIs
Sub Topic: Gender/sexual based violence
Sub Topic: Domestic violence
Sub Topic: Male involvement in RH
Sub Topic: Integration of RH services
Sub Topic: Adolescent reproductive health

Mental Health

Sub Topic: Concepts of mental health and mental illness
Sub TopicClassification of mental illnesses
Sub TopicEtiological factors of mental illness
Sub TopicGeneral signs and symptoms of mental illnesses
Sub TopicAssessment of the mentally ill
Sub Topic: Therapeutic modalities in psychiatry
Sub TopicSubstance/alcohol abuse
Sub Topic: Psychopharmacology / physical treatment
Sub Topic: Psychological therapies
Sub Topic: Psychiatric disorders related to maternal and child health
Sub Topic: Psychiatric emergencies
Sub Topic: Acute conversional dissociative disorders


Sub Topic: Terms used in Pharmacology
Sub Topic: Sources and preparation of Medicines
Sub Topic: Application of Pharmacology to Nursing and
patient education
Sub Topic: Legal aspects and national policies
Sub Topic: Concepts of Essential Drugs and Rational Medicine use.
Sub Topic: Classification of Medicines & Schedule of
controlled substances
Sub Topic: Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamics
Sub Topic: Prescriptions
Sub Topic: Drug administration
Sub Topic: Medicines used in midwifery
Sub Topic: Medicines used in pediatrics.
Sub Topic: Specific anti-microbial agents
Sub Topic: Medicines acting on specific body systems
Sub Topic: Other therapeutics

Community Health

Sub Topic: Introduction to Primary health care
Sub TopicConcepts of Primary Health Care
Sub TopicPrinciples, Pillars and components/ elements of
Primary Health Care
Sub TopicIntroduction to community based health care
Sub Topic: Community participation
Sub TopicCommunity organization
Sub TopicCommunity Mobilization
Sub TopicCommunity empowerment
Sub TopicCommunity entry
Sub TopicCarry out community survey and assessment
Sub Topic: Carry out Home visiting
Sub Topic: Disease surveillance
Sub Topic: School health

Tropical Medicine

Topic: Tropical Diseases/communicable diseases

Sub TopicIntroduction to communicable diseases
Sub Topic: Diseases transmission cycle
Sub TopicEpidemiology of diseases
Sub Topic: Gastroenteritis
Sub TopicMeasles
Sub TopicMalaria
Sub Topic: Tuberculosis
Sub Topic: Leprosy
Sub Topic: Trypanosomiasis (sleeping sickness)
Sub Topic: Helminthic diseases (Intestinal worms)
Sub Topic:  Onchocerciasis (River blindness)
Sub Topic: Schistosomiasis
Sub Topic: Elephantiasis (Bancroftian Filariasis)
Sub Topic: Dracunculosis (Guinea worm)
Sub TopicTyphoid Fever
Sub Topic:  Dysentery
Sub Topic:  Cholera
Sub Topic:  Brucellosis
Sub Topic:  Ebola
Sub Topic:  Yellow Fever
Sub Topic:  Mumps (Parotiditis)
Sub Topic:  Chicken Pox
Sub Topic:  Rabies
Sub Topic:  Hemorrhagic fevers
Sub Topic:  SARS, Anthrax,  Hepatitis
Sub Topic: Tetanus

Topic: Abnormal pregnancy

Sub Topic: Medical disorders during pregnancy

 Sub Topic: Infections

  •  Malaria
  •  Tuberculosis
  •  Urinary Tract Infections
  •  HIV and PMTCT
  •  Respiratory Tract Infections

Sub Topic: Hyperemesis gravidarum
Sub Topic:Disorders of Amniotic fluid
Sub Topic: Multiple Pregnancy
Sub Topic: Intra uterine growth retardation
Sub Topic: Intra uterine fetal death
Sub Topic: Prolonged pregnancy and Post maturity
Sub Topic: Rhesus Incompatibility
Abnormal labour
Sub Topic: Antepartum Heamorrhage
Sub Topic: Pre- Eclampsia and Eclampsia (Preganancy Induced
Sub Topic: Cord Presentation and Cord Prolapse
Sub Topic: Malpresentations

  • Breech
  • Compound
  • Brow
  • Shoulder
  • Face
  • Unstable lie

Sub Topic: Malposition
Sub Topic: Abnormal Uterine Action
Sub Topic: Trial of labour
Sub Topic: Fetal distress
Sub Topic: Maternal distress
Sub Topic: Cephalo Pelvic Disproportion
Sub Topic: Obstetric Operations ( Caesarian section, Forceps, Vacuum extraction, Symphysiotomy, Destructive Operations)

Midwifery III

Sub Topic: Obstructed labour
Sub Topic: Ruptured uterus
Sub Topic: Post Partum Heamorrhage
Sub Topic: Intra Partum Heamorrhage
Sub Topic: Acute Inversion of the Uterus
Sub Topic: Obstetrical Shock
Sub Topic: Thrombo Embolic disorders (superficial vein
thrombosis, Deep vein thrombosis, Amniotic Fluid
Embolism, HELLP Syndrome, Pulmonary Embolism,
Sub Topic: Vulval Heamatoma

Abnormal Puerperium

Sub Topic: Breast Complications
Sub Topic: Urinary Complications
Sub Topic: Puerperal Pyrexia
Sub Topic: Puerperal Sepsis
Sub Topic: Psychological disorders

Paediatrics II

Sub Topic: Heamorragic disease of the new born
Sub Topic: Anaemia
Sub Topic: Convulsions in the new Born
Sub Topic: Congenital abnormalities (GIT, genito urinary,
cardiovascular, CNS, musculo – skeletal)
Sub Topic: Neonatal infections
Sub Topic: Ophthalmia Neonatorum
Sub Topic: Pemphigus Neonatorum
Sub Topic: Oral candidiasis
Sub Topic: Septicaemia
Sub Topic: Meningitis
Sub Topic: Tetanus
Sub Topic: Paronychia
Sub Topic: Urinary tract infection
Sub Topic: Pneumonia
Sub Topic: Gastro enteritis
Sub Topic: Malaria
Sub Topic: Neonatal Jaundice
Sub Topic: Nutrition
Sub Topic: Assessment of nutritional status of children
Sub Topic: Nutritional disorders in children
Sub Topic: IMCI

Health Services Management

Sub Topic: Concepts used in Health Service Management
Sub Topic: Uganda Health Sector
Sub Topic: Principles of Management
Sub Topic: Basics of Health economics
Sub Topic: Principles of Health Service Management
Sub Topic: Human Resource Management

Sub Topic: Leadership in Healthcare delivery
Sub Topic: Management roles in a health facility
Sub Topic: Decision-making and critical thinking
Sub Topic: Communication in health care
Sub Topic: Customer care
Sub Topic: Public relations in health service delivery
Sub Topic: Management of health facility resources
Sub Topic: Financial Management

Sub Topic: Management of Assets, Equipment and Supplies

  • Inventory and Stock control
  •  Requisition Procedures
  • Procurement
  • Rational use of supplies
  •  Health centre asset maintenance
  •  Ground maintenance

Sub Topic: Health Information management System

  •  Concept of HIMS
  •  Types of HIMS records
  • Procedures in maintaining HIMS


Sub Topic: Introduction to Entrepreneurship
Sub Topic: Foundations of Entrepreneurship
Sub Topic: Entrepreneurship skills
Sub Topic: Setting up of a business ( market survey, costing,
taxation, customer care, Branding, marketing, quality
service delivery)
Sub Topic: Process of Entrepreneurship development
Sub Topic: Business Plan
Sub Topic: Business opportunities
Sub Topic: Entrepreneurship resources
Sub Topic: Entrepreneurship and social responsibility
Sub Topic: Success and Failure
Sub Topic: Business sustainability and growth
Sub Topic: Monitoring and Evaluating a business

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